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About Tee2Pin Golf GC
Tee2Pin Golf Club was created for golfers who want an official handicap and an inexpensive "cost-of-entry" to the game of golf. Many amateur golfers cannot afford golf club membership and without which, a handicap card & reduced green fees are unattainable. Tee2Pin Golf has established an affiliation with St. Cathryn's GC and The Kwa-Zulu Natal Golf Union to enable our members to become a part of the growing golf community in South Africa.

In so doing we are able to offer our members the following:
  1. An official SAGA handicap card &
  2. The opportunity to swipe their handicap card and benefit from affiliated rates when not playing their home course.
"Golf membership is too expensive...."
The above rings true of many an amateur's conversation on the golf course. Without membership, golfers are "penalised" in 2 ways. 1 - They do not have an official handicap and 2 - They are penalised for Non-Member visitor's fees.
With a membership at Tee2Pin GC - these two "down-sides" to golf, fall away.

"I never play the same course...."
We often hear of friends who love to play golf, but never consider joining a club as they always play different courses, or they are seldom all members of the same course.

With a membership of Tee2Pin GC you can be a nationally affiliated member, pay the affiliated visitor's rates and still join your friends on any one of South Africa's top golf courses.

"I am not a 'club' person"
Don't worry, you are not the only person who may not enjoy "club" environments.

At Tee2Pin GC you are a valued member but will never be expected to participate in club meetings, club events, club mailing lists, and club "do's'' - unless you wish to avail yourself.

In addition to this commitment, we will never sell your personal information in our database to any 3rd party and you will only receive information pertinent to your membership fees and any events which we host.